Final FRCA Teaching: Day Surgery and Clinical Measurement

Category: Training - Final FRCA Teaching Days

Date: March 25th 2021


Dr Neil Kellie  


Gloucestershire Royal Hospital - Microsoft Teams Virtual Meeting - details to follow



09:30-10:20               What’s New in Day Surgery                      Dr Neil Kellie

10:20-11:10               Capnography & Pulse-oximetry                 Dr Jonathan Lightfoot

11:10-11:40               Coffee

11:40-12:30               Depth of Anaesthesia Monitoring/EEG        Dr Toby Jacobs

12:30-13:20               Haemofiltration                                             TBC

13:20-14:00               Lunch

14:00-14:50               Assessment of Neuromuscular Function

                                  and Peripheral Nerve Stimulators               Dr David Gabbott

14:50-15:30               Focused Echo for the Anaesthetist             Dr Marcin Puchuki  

15:30-16:00               Feedback and Close of Day                       Dr Bea Charlesworth

 Plenty of time for Q&A and discussion, but sadly bring your own tea, coffee and biscuits

Cost: Nil


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